New photos

Remember the shoot I did a couple of months ago in the most amazing house ever?

Well, the result is out now in Country Life,

shot by Katrine Rohreberg and styled by Mia Anderberg.

A lot of great reading and rustic, country- inspiration, hurry up and get a copy;)


Hey kitty!

Its everywhere, invading our homes and closets, the animal print is here to stay!!!

Pics via pintrest


So today i have been painting, windows, furnitures and now I need to paint my nails;)

The old roof windows will get a new colour and place in my kitchen cupboard

A little face lift for the old toilette commode…. to be continued;)


The to do list is getting longer and longer and the days just swishes by….

Already Thursday, feels like the week just started?

Today on the schedule is painting furnitures for the guest bathroom and birthday party at Tindys!!

Pic via Filth Avenue

Fall mini-favorites

Its getting cooler and autumn is soon here, if you needs some mini- fashion  inspiration, check out The Junior and her favourite autumn outfits.

1.Outfit from Aravore 2.Star Collar from Petit Fournier, made from 100% Baby Alpaca.3.Cardigan by ESP No.1 from Scandinavian Minimall4.Bunny Sweater from Oeuf, made from 100% Baby Alpaca. 5.Skinny jeans from ESP No.1 from Everyday Weekend6.Skirt by Bobo Choses from Scandinavian Minimall7.Bag by Bobo Choses from Smallable8.Mittens from Petit Fournier, made from 100% Peruvian Baby Alpaca. 9.Boots by  Bobo Choses.

Today through my iPhone

And the neverendingrenovation continues….

Our bedroom roof, soon ready.

My kitchen wall, can’t decide keep or not??

A trip to IKEA with little Birdy

Cleo in action

A builders lunch, fish-soup at Spoonery

The boys walks home from school in their gangster jackets from H&M

 Found some nice Missoni shirts and tights at Lindex, not much left, hurry hurry!!

And tomorrow we continue….

Group them up!

We spent all our Sunday packing up movingboxes and helping to decorat my parents new appartment and boy do they have things!! My mother is a master to collect and save things she loves like all my old toy, vases and glasses! My kids really like to go through all that old stuff, playmobils from the 80´s, tangled  my little ponies and funny looking books!

It all came out pretty nice, we just grouped all their things up into different sections.. vases, photos, glass jars, buttons and so on…

How many flyswatters does a person actually need?

All together they will make a perfect wall-collage, thats for sure;)

Pics. via Pintrest


Or maybe too many, if thats the problem??

Sorry if I haven’t been posting on the blog for a few days but its been a lot of things going on i my life… This Friday I took the kids early from school, went to pick up my sister at Rawfood House and then off to the countryside. We all really needed a break and there is nothing better than to hang around with my sister and her kids at their place! We had such a nice time with good food, a lot of talking and playing Monopoli with the 6 giggly kids!!

Me and the kids fell in love with my sisters Green Star, not only it does the nicest  juices, we even made ice-cream in it!! The easiest way to make a super jummie and  diary free  ice-cream is to cut three bananas into pieces, put them into the freezer over the night, then throw them in the Green Star and out comes the most delicious and healthy ice-cream you can imagine. Top with nuts and fresh berries, mmmmm.

Weekends we love!

Moderator at Turning Torso

At the 54t floor of the Turning Torso I will be holding a super interesting forum about light, together with HSB and Metro bostad. How to create the right atmosphere with lights and what effects you can achive in a room with the right kind of light are some things we will talk about!

 If you are interested to pop by, the 12 of October, for a breakfast and some “lightening” inspiration I have tickets for YOU!!!!

Let me know what time would work best of the two seminars, tell me here on the blog or send me and email at