Fully charged

Im back, fully charged and more RAW then ever!! I had 5 fantastic days up in Ängsbacka with yoga, super foods, holistic health and nutrition playshops, learning about wild food and herbs, meditation, music and a lot of lovely Raw food of corse! I feel inspired, full of energy and I just signed up on Kate´s Magic bubblehealthy life here I come!!!! Tomorrow morning after my  green juice I´m heading over to Raw Food house to get my new superfood… mesquite, chia seeds and maca powder. If you are not close to Malmö you can also order all kinds of super foods and things you might need to go raw at Ravarubutiken.se  check it out!


Raw life

Back from Rome to swoop bags, changing the heels and the elegant summer dresses to crazy prints, comfy pants and boho sandals! Tomorrow I´m going north for my yearly yoga Raw life festival, 5 days with abundance of raw gourmet cuisine, inspiring lectures on health and lifestyle, food demonstrations, yoga, dance, concerts, and best of all is I get to  spend these 5 days barefoot and beflowerd with my mum and sister!!

Can´t wait to get into the beautiful yogamood again, with means I´m leaving the computer behind.. No blogging for 5 days!!!

I need to have some contact with dad and the kids back home so the iPhone is smuggled down and I will try to do some Instagram. If you are curious of what I´m doing up in the Swedish dark forest you can follow me there, my name is permalin.

Hope to be back next week rested and full loaded with new ideas and recipes;)

Namaste my friends