Mot ljusare tider

Sitting preparing for tomorrows 7 o´clock seminary in The Turning Torso, more light in our life!!


Chaga love!

Chaga Tea Is the best tea you can drink, is more like a health drink. Nature’s most powerful antioxidant with over 125 phytonutrients, a super mushroom! It says it can cure almost everything form colds and infections to cancer and it even gives you better sleep and helps you to relax and wind down, yes please!

If you don’t want to get sick now when autumn is getting closer, you should head over to Raw Food House and order yourself a nice cup of Chagatea today, you can even order some powder here!!


The to do list is getting longer and longer and the days just swishes by….

Already Thursday, feels like the week just started?

Today on the schedule is painting furnitures for the guest bathroom and birthday party at Tindys!!

Pic via Filth Avenue

Group them up!

We spent all our Sunday packing up movingboxes and helping to decorat my parents new appartment and boy do they have things!! My mother is a master to collect and save things she loves like all my old toy, vases and glasses! My kids really like to go through all that old stuff, playmobils from the 80´s, tangled  my little ponies and funny looking books!

It all came out pretty nice, we just grouped all their things up into different sections.. vases, photos, glass jars, buttons and so on…

How many flyswatters does a person actually need?

All together they will make a perfect wall-collage, thats for sure;)

Pics. via Pintrest

Moderator at Turning Torso

At the 54t floor of the Turning Torso I will be holding a super interesting forum about light, together with HSB and Metro bostad. How to create the right atmosphere with lights and what effects you can achive in a room with the right kind of light are some things we will talk about!

 If you are interested to pop by, the 12 of October, for a breakfast and some “lightening” inspiration I have tickets for YOU!!!!

Let me know what time would work best of the two seminars, tell me here on the blog or send me and email at

Hello September!

Summer is almost over and I must say that I’m kind of longing to crawl up in the couch with a cup of tea in my favourite knitted sweater. I have always loved to knit i find it super relaxing! I have done some small baby socks and clothing’s for my three little ones but now I feel extra inspired to get out the BIG yarn and irons!!

More knitted, yes please!

Carry on..

Already after one day I feel the effects of the detox I’m doing.. Yesterday afternoon I felt really tired and I got a super duper headache! So today its really important to keep up the drinking….  Coconutwater, fresh juices and loads of nettle tea!

  I initialised my new cups from Tiger
with some heart warming herbal mix….

LOVE Pukka!

Raw life

Back from Rome to swoop bags, changing the heels and the elegant summer dresses to crazy prints, comfy pants and boho sandals! Tomorrow I´m going north for my yearly yoga Raw life festival, 5 days with abundance of raw gourmet cuisine, inspiring lectures on health and lifestyle, food demonstrations, yoga, dance, concerts, and best of all is I get to  spend these 5 days barefoot and beflowerd with my mum and sister!!

Can´t wait to get into the beautiful yogamood again, with means I´m leaving the computer behind.. No blogging for 5 days!!!

I need to have some contact with dad and the kids back home so the iPhone is smuggled down and I will try to do some Instagram. If you are curious of what I´m doing up in the Swedish dark forest you can follow me there, my name is permalin.

Hope to be back next week rested and full loaded with new ideas and recipes;)

Namaste my friends