Through my iPhone

Big sun this morning on the 54th floor in the Turning Torso, we held our light seminar organised by Metro Bostad and HSB. We could hardly get better illumination any where else. 3 hours of talking lights and shades, how to get the best possible illumination in your home and of corse a lot of trends;)

Felt well deserved of a nice and light lunch at favourite Raw Food House!

Had a quick stop at my absolute favorite shop in Malmö, MiloiiI just love everything about it and its quite impossible to leave without buying something….

home with me came some Friday glitter from nymph

and some knitted from APC in lovely violet matching the flowers + some more bling bling!!

Have a lovely weekend everyone;)


Today through my iPhone

And the neverendingrenovation continues….

Our bedroom roof, soon ready.

My kitchen wall, can’t decide keep or not??

A trip to IKEA with little Birdy

Cleo in action

A builders lunch, fish-soup at Spoonery

The boys walks home from school in their gangster jackets from H&M

 Found some nice Missoni shirts and tights at Lindex, not much left, hurry hurry!!

And tomorrow we continue….