New adventures!

Its been seven months of blogging on this page and now it´s time to move on for new adventures, I hope you will join me over at super inspiring Lovely Lifejust a click away;)


Carry on..

Already after one day I feel the effects of the detox I’m doing.. Yesterday afternoon I felt really tired and I got a super duper headache! So today its really important to keep up the drinking….  Coconutwater, fresh juices and loads of nettle tea!

  I initialised my new cups from Tiger
with some heart warming herbal mix….

LOVE Pukka!

Shopping love

A very productive day of shopping, wiiiiii!

Found two baby-blue enamelled lamps for my studio in a little antic-shop in the centre!

Got some lamp cables, knobs and door-handles, at my favourite hardware store, Byggfabriken. 

Felt I needed some news in my autumn closet, bought some fun stuff with leo and zebra prints at WeekdayLast but not least my favourite Love tea from Pukka
is back in the house!

Shopping always makes me happy but really, all we need is LOVE!!!

Have a nice weekend and enjoy the sunshine!

New wig?

In Cruella mood…

Found the most beautiful organic lambskins at ILVA today,

could´t resist them, they just had to come home with me…

They just look, feel and smell so beautiful, hard to decide where to put them…

Love how they bring some nordic vibe to our old Italian church-benches!

 Cleo and me still waiting in our Shepherd´s for the summer heat…

no cold feet here!