So today i have been painting, windows, furnitures and now I need to paint my nails;)

The old roof windows will get a new colour and place in my kitchen cupboard

A little face lift for the old toilette commode…. to be continued;)


It´s rolling on….

 Yesterday my posh English bathroom floor arrived!!!! Hexagon grey/black from Original Style,  got a really good deal for the floor at Byggfabriken!

and the kitchen wall is coming up…. I don’t ever think I will EVER get tired of white simple tiles!

Its rainy and windy outside, perfect day for renovation!

Have a lovely Friday everyone;)

Saturday in the house

Yesterday we had visitors in the old house, photographer and blogger Amelia from A Beautiful living and stylish Tant Johanna
came to make a little reportage in our working dust!

The kids couldn’t understand why anyone want to come and take photos of our mess so they decided to clean and fix up the place before the girls came!

After a short while of sweeping and cleaning they gave up for some squash in the kitchen!

Finished off our Saturday in style with elephants, popcorn and clowns…..

Circus Maximum!!

We have a kitchen floor!!

The cement floor is now on its place and it´s still warm from yesterday. I had some test tiles made to find out which treatment is the best agains oil and red-wine. Does anyone have suggestions of products or how to treat a kitchen cement-floor??

I would really appreciate!!

Stucco and surprise party

Today I had the old ceiling fixed up with new ornamental stucco! The rest of the house have the original once left but in one of the big rooms the roof was covered with old ugly masonite and when we tore it down there were nothing else but sand and stones;) Now it´s back to its old glory… Some paint and thats it!!! I can’t believe that one of the rooms is almost ready!!

Things are really happening now in the house…. Soon we even have a basement floor to walk on or to play chess on like Tiago said!

Now all the kids are sleeping and I will start to organise for my big boy that is turning 7 tomorrow, we are having a big surprise party for him on secret location, super exiting!!

Let the fun begin…

Finally we are there, the most fun part of the renovation is getting closer… COLOURS!! Studying colours for walls, for floors, of roof and colours of windows, the “post card scales” from Nordsjö are great!

Love the views from up here… Need to get the exact gray colour for the roof ridge and I think I found it;)

The house is in safe hands…

Make space, here comes the experts!

Now when most big stuff are done in the house I need some real professionals to give the last touch..

Scraping all the windows….

Get the exact measurements….

A whole lot of materials to build together, great place for two small arcitects…

Thanks you Katarina for the great Fristad carpenter trousers!!!! The kids just lives in them right now….

I can see big inprovments in the house already after one full working day. Good thing is, these little workers are not that expensive either, I pay them in icecream 😉

Some changes…

The house that never seems to get ready…. Me and Damiano sat up the other night, shared a bottle of good red wine and started to bubble about the house.. And a lot of new ideas came up!

The hardest thing was to present the changes to my father the morning after.. When I said we have some changes to do his coulor went from light pale to white!!!

No, nothing major… just that my walk in closet becomes a sauna and the laundry room becomes a new big closet, which makes the storage room become the new laundry room;)


Nothing worth having comes easy, right?

Now on our way to IKEA with three kids, to get some inspiration for the laundry-room, God bless Småland;)

Need some work space!

The “to do list” is getting longer,

so much to do with the renovation… getting crazy!!

Right now this is the way my dusty office looks like..

Planning my new office space and here comes some I like…

If I only had a nice little space like one of these…. I´m sure I would get all my stuff done in a second;)

Pics via Pintrest

Oh shit..

The weekend was super with lots of fun… two birthday parties, football, sea, hanging in the garden with beautiful summer weather…. can’t complain!!

Tomorrow I have a meeting with my plummer, after a lot of reaserch for nice taps and valves i´m getting crazy!! Once I find some that I like my plummer tells me that they are not allowed in Sweden (insurance matters). Nothing that is built in  is possible here… Now I understand what all the bathrooms looks so boring and standard in this country!!!

Trying to find some solutions, we´ll see tomorrow…

Pics. Pintrest