Super charge ME!!

Summer is almost over and what way could be better then to start the autumn with a Super Charge week!? One week with Bikram Yoga everyday and loads of super greens, superfood, probiotic and Raw Food to boost up my immune system with;)


Goodbye pasta, tea, milk and alcohol…

Hello Coconutwater, chiaseeds, fruit and veggies;)

Best of all is not to have to think about food for a whole week… breakfast, lunch and dinner all prepared at Raw Food House!

Healthy life here I come;)

Pic by pintrest


Yesterday Raw food house had a demo/ playshop at Malmö Festivalen and for you guys that are interested to get some raw inspiration but couldn’t make it yesterday there will be another one today at Gustav Adolf torg in Malmö at 3 pm, don’t miss!!

My lovely super green sister at Friisgatan!

Hemp and sesame milk

I´m not a big fan of milk, but I usually have oat or almond milk at home for the kids. So after all the Raw food pepping up in Ängsbacka I just made my own hemp and sesame milk!! Its really easy, super nutritious and it´s a very easy way to get a good source of the Omega-6 & Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids and calcium for your children’s breakfast.

All you need is

*1 liter of water

*2 tablespoons raw hemp seeds

*2 tablespoons raw almonds

*2 tablespoons raw sesame seeds

*Half banana

*2 dates and a piece of vanilla

I Soaked the seeds and nuts for 20 minuits then I´ll throw all the ingredients in the vitamixer on high speed until creamy and smooth. I strained all of it it in a nut milk bag, and what is left in the bag i used as a scrub for my face with some avocado, e voila… a facial and some lovely milk in less then 22 min!

Fully charged

Im back, fully charged and more RAW then ever!! I had 5 fantastic days up in Ängsbacka with yoga, super foods, holistic health and nutrition playshops, learning about wild food and herbs, meditation, music and a lot of lovely Raw food of corse! I feel inspired, full of energy and I just signed up on Kate´s Magic bubblehealthy life here I come!!!! Tomorrow morning after my  green juice I´m heading over to Raw Food house to get my new superfood… mesquite, chia seeds and maca powder. If you are not close to Malmö you can also order all kinds of super foods and things you might need to go raw at  check it out!