Österlen and Stiltje

So finally I made it…. A visit to the beautiful shop Stiltje, in Österlen. I have been looking at their homepage for a couple of months now dreaming about their wonderful floors and colours so it was super inspiring to finally see all the materials live!

Im very weak for all the hand painted tiles

Furnitures to die for…

I have decided to use a grey/sand coloured Tadelakt effekt in our bathroom, waiting for samples in a few days… very exiting!!


Ett Hem

Back in Skåne after a lovely weekend in Stockholm. It is nice to leave the little creatures with the grandparents once in a while and just be husband and wife again. To read the morning newspaper in silence over a cup of tea, to be able to have a grownup conversation without being interrupted every second and to get time for some romance!

 Ett hem is the place….

Transforming the house into a hotel has been a delicate process: its personality had to remain intact. Yet it also had to offer all the services required by modern travellers. The result is that Ett Hem is again filled with the best collection of furniture, Scandinavian antiques and design. Things that frame moments in life, says Jeanette Mix, owner of Ett Hem.

Every little detail, the colours and atmosphere… Got a whole bunch of new ideas for our renovation and I guess I took about 2000 photos! I just love what Ilse Crawford and Jeanette have done with his old house, I have found my new home in Stockholm thats for sure!

All pics by Malin Persson


Went down to Skanör for a interesting meeting at da Aldo and Damiano got a quick fix for his espresso abstinence.

 Im not a dog person and me and D have agreed that we won´t  give in for the kids wish to buy a dog… but some of them just takes my breath away, like Baldo, cutest dog in Skanör!! I could easily bring the dog and all the colourful pillows made of old recycled materials home with me!

Finished off in style at Fiskrögeriet.

A box full of delicius seafood, a glass of wine and two heads filled with new ideas… Perfect end of a perfect day!

Hope you all had a lovely one to;)