Fall mini-favorites

Its getting cooler and autumn is soon here, if you needs some mini- fashion  inspiration, check out The Junior and her favourite autumn outfits.

1.Outfit from Aravore 2.Star Collar from Petit Fournier, made from 100% Baby Alpaca.3.Cardigan by ESP No.1 from Scandinavian Minimall4.Bunny Sweater from Oeuf, made from 100% Baby Alpaca. 5.Skinny jeans from ESP No.1 from Everyday Weekend6.Skirt by Bobo Choses from Scandinavian Minimall7.Bag by Bobo Choses from Smallable8.Mittens from Petit Fournier, made from 100% Peruvian Baby Alpaca. 9.Boots by  Bobo Choses.


Hairwax and cars

Hairwax and old cars at the antic market in Katrinetorp …. Perfect Sunday!!

Even I found some real nice stuff at the antic market, more about that tomorrow….

Some dots…

Girls afternoon with dolls, piratesprincesses and some fixing in Cleos room. Hung up some nice little garlands that I got at my favourite Bonton in Paris. Was thinking to wait to hang them up for her new room in next house but they are just to cute to be left behind in a old box so here they are!!

Cleo went crazy when she saw them, she thought it was candy and wanted to have a taste;)

Another little dotty favourite from LindexLittle bare chubby legs in this one…. so cute, now we just wait for the sun to come out!!

He got it all!!

Milo turned 5 today and we celebrated him with a garden party just like he wanted and I think it was the warmest and most sunniest day this year;)

Under the apple tree we had a little goodie table with some nice and fresh raw pannacotta a la Linda from Raw food house, jummie homemade cupcakes and a lot of unhealthy snacks;))

Cleo is super posh in her cool and balla glasses😉

Being a half Italian family and all, we just couldn’t resist the soccer piñata, FORZA ITALIA!!!!

No party without games right? Dance stop, hide and seek was fun but the helium balloons were absoulotely the best of all.. and when the kids sent them away with a little wish I thought that mine has already come true;)

Happy birthday my little man!!!

Party coming up!


Tomorrow we have a little man turning 5 in our house! So today we have been fixing the whole day… Gifts needs to be wrapped, balloons blown up, snacks to be prepared, just took out the last cupcakes from the owen and they are perfect, thanks to LailaI even got the super cute birthdaykit from Alla balla kalasbest party book for kids ever!!

Went out on Pintrest to get some fun party inspiration and this is what I found!


Milo wants a garden party tomorrow like he always used to have in Rome, looking out the window today I’m not so sure I can promise him sun and blue sky….. It´s poring down but we hope !!!

Bake with style!

I just got the bible of sweets, Hello Cupcake!  and since I promised the boys some goodies for their school picnic I decided to make some stylish cupcakes a la Laila!

I really tried to bake in style, just like Laila… no mess, let the kids help and only happy faces;) We made a pretty good work until when Cleo started to use the dough as lotion all over her body and then rolling around in it on the floor!!

In the end the Star flyer 6 fixed the messy glacing and camouflaged the shape.

Another other great place for some inspiration when it comes to baking and cooking is Le Parfait!

And they lasted for 30 seconds, thats always a good sign;)

The perfect packed bag!

The ticket is booked for Rome and Puglia so Im starting to organise the kids summer wardrobes! Went through all three closets sorting out whats too small, too itchy and too broken. I love when the shelfs are getting empty because then I don´t have to feel bad going shopping… they actually do need some new stuff;)

 I think I have packed my suitcases around a million times and Im quiet good at traveling light, but packing for kids is a different story… Chocolate ice-cream and Spaghetti Carbonara hmmm.. better pack three extra t-shirts, what if it gets cold, 3 little jacket, Is Cleo ever going to get to wear her little thin summer dresses before they are to small.. i´ll throw them ALL in because in cold Sweden she won´t!

Finally I end up with 4 full suitcases…

This is how my bag would look in my dreams…

Right now I can’t wait to come back to Rome… the sun, spaghetti ai vongole, Trastevere, Stracciatella gelato and Salotto42..

I´m ready to bring the kids to the Colosseum (despite 2 hours line), visit Galleria Borghese and i´m even longing for the crowded busses… now it all feels charming and picturesque. Rome is great for kids so many interesting things to visit and do, check out the Rome Guide for kids by lonely Planet!

Roma, tra poco ci vediamo!!

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