Super birthday

Milo is really foxy in his new tail form Minirodini!

What a birthday! We started at our place with a pancake breakfast and gifts, then we took the bridge over to our secret destination…

Copenhagen’s fabled Tivoli Gardens, one of the world’s oldest theme parks!!

Cotton-candy, roller coasters and games all day long, even granddad and grandma had a blast in “The Golden Tower free fall” and I nearly wet my pants when I saw my mothers expression, pretty wild;)

We had 6 tired and happy kids with us home and a very pleased 7 year old!


Something blue

In the middle of the fields of Ribersborg we found a turquoise-blue sandpit, just like that;)

One little, two little…

…three little Indians!!!

Went through some moving-boxes this afternoon and found Mighty Milo´s Tipi tent, guess if he was happy to put it up?! Snacks and dinner was served in the tipi and of course they all wanted to spend the night;)

I have seen some similar tents at Granit and if you want to build your own one, I saw the coolest DIY over at Dos Family!


Playing golf?

Cleo in new leopard stockings from pop up shopname it tutu, gillet from NoaNoa and shoes from bon point

Cutest on court!!

 Tiago told me that its not appropriate to play golf in your pyjamas…. very comfortable though;)

Milo keeps the numbers right and the winner is……