It´s official!

The heating is turned on, the uggs size 23 are bought and the little minirodini fur fits perfect!

A magic time of the year… It´s autumn and I think I’m ready for it!!!

Have a lovely week everyone;)



Or maybe too many, if thats the problem??

Sorry if I haven’t been posting on the blog for a few days but its been a lot of things going on i my life… This Friday I took the kids early from school, went to pick up my sister at Rawfood House and then off to the countryside. We all really needed a break and there is nothing better than to hang around with my sister and her kids at their place! We had such a nice time with good food, a lot of talking and playing Monopoli with the 6 giggly kids!!

Me and the kids fell in love with my sisters Green Star, not only it does the nicest  juices, we even made ice-cream in it!! The easiest way to make a super jummie and  diary free  ice-cream is to cut three bananas into pieces, put them into the freezer over the night, then throw them in the Green Star and out comes the most delicious and healthy ice-cream you can imagine. Top with nuts and fresh berries, mmmmm.

Weekends we love!

La Vespa

We are back home from a nice weekend trip to my Grandmother, it was here 75 years birthday so there were plenty of food, cake and family members! We all just loves to hang around in her house and gardens… so much memories and it´s pretty amazing to have such a young great-grandmother for my kids! Once we were up in the old woods of Göinge we brought back our Vespa from 1962, welcome to a new life in Skåne!! From Rome to Limhamn, what a shock! The boys really want to go to school with the old Vespa tomorrow I´ll guess Damiano has to do two turns or he will do it the napoli way; three kids on the back, him self and the dog in front;)

Oh, yes!

Running around in my new miss piggy shoes I just got the other day at H&M. Soon off to the Little gym with birdy then over to the house to check out the new windows that arrived yesterday, vey exiting! Tonight Im having a girls dinner with Tant Johanna, En långblondin, Mia and some other creative ladies to talk about some new projects…. still top secret!

Have a great Friday everyone;)

Back to the routines

As much as I love to be on vacation and holiday as much I love to come back to the routines! Today was a big day, both my boys started school again. They were really exited to get back on track again and to see all their old and new classmates, of corse their mum was even happier!

Got them some “back to school treats”

* Cars folder with matching pencils and eraser from Åhlens 

*A Petrol coloured Kånken

* Soft and colourful shirt from Zara

I even sneaked into Monki and got myself a hat (that even Milo liked) and some pastel 30´s style underwear, like like like!!

Tomorrow is another day

Today has been that kind of day when everything seems to go wrong and agains you, but it sure helps to curse a little and carry on….. Tomorrow is another day, I leave kids, husband and builders behind and join Mia for a stylish day in Copenhagen, and best of all its FASHION WEEK!!

I´m quite sure that will cheer me up;)

A lot going on right now….

This is the result of me learning to do some layouts with Picassa…. All my messy inspiration photos laying around on my desktop, waiting to be used, happily joined in to this collage feast!!

Things doesn’t always come out the way you where expecting and sometimes thats even better!

Blue and yellow!

What a fun day!!

Got some good new ideas for the house, more of that tomorrow…. Swedish winners at Falsterbo horse show. Milo got Rolf-Göran Bengtsson´s autograph who is ranked nr 1 in the world, WOW!! Crazy car rids on country roads with loud 80´s music on the radio. Belgian waffles with jam and wipped cream. Some sun and some rain. Pizza at Aldo´s. A car full of sleeping kids and soon, even me…

Have a good night!!

This week

Some of the beauty i have laid my eyes and hands on this week….

Roses in the building dust

Cleo got her hair braided for the first time

The small cabinets at Miloii

Got a new star jacket on sale from baum und pferdgarten

The boys sleeping loft is almost done

Pillows and lamps at Malmö modern

Sun and 28 degrees at Kallis

These garden chairs from Åhlens


Blue skies and sun for the whole weekend, YES PLEASE!!!