It´s ready!

Now all the fun is starting in the old house, after every day that pass you can see huge improvements! Now I’m concentrating on our bathroom and yesterday my homemade copper towelheater was ready, I love the 28mm copper tubes connected into a jewel!! After months of research for taps, mixers and bathroom accessories I have decided to build my own ones and the towel heater is the first piece ready!

Then I have decided to go for the sand coloured Tadelakt, since it goes nicely together with my new essie nail polish😉

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Playmobil forever

Found this photo on Pintrest, me and the boys loved it!! I have a huge bag full of Playmobil from my childhood so its just to pick their favourite characters and get some superglue!

For sure they will have the coolest towel-rack on the block;)

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