Power, elegance, darkness, mystery, halloween, coal, petroleum, sin, outer space, anarchism, night, crime, sophistication…..

favorite black.

Pics via Pintrest

Hey kitty!

Its everywhere, invading our homes and closets, the animal print is here to stay!!!

Pics via pintrest


So today i have been painting, windows, furnitures and now I need to paint my nails;)

The old roof windows will get a new colour and place in my kitchen cupboard

A little face lift for the old toilette commode…. to be continued;)


… purity, nobility, softness, emptiness, God, ghost, snow, ice, heaven, peace, clean, light, cloud, good, cotton, angels, weakness, winter, innocence….

….wonderful white!

A sneak peek

A little peek of my boys room, now painted twice in Nordsjö´s misty grey/blue!

Some more grey toned/ white on the windows and list, then the little ones can soon move in!

Some grey tons

We are back from a super fun trip at Legoland and today I have been organizing with everything that has to be done in the house. We have started to paint and I´m really week for all tones of grey… I´m running around with the colour scale in my hand like a crazy lady, it is fun and I really love colour combination but it´s  just soooo much to decide at ones… a whole house that has to be painted from top to toe!!!!

Found these photos that i totally love at Merchant design, elegant, calm but still warm and cosy, that the way I like it!

I even want my man in the same black/grey scale from Ann Demeulemeester, LOVE!!

Tender Green with a Royal Grey?

Trying to get all my colour combinations ready! Had a quick lunch with Dad out at Kallis, love the faded pastels, grey colours and the blue mussels;)

Royal Grey with Tender Green or the Soft Grey with Sandy Stone…. hmmm better sleep on this one!

Where´s that sunshine?

The Swedish summer isn´t offering much of those warme nice rays, so somedays you just have to create your own sunshine…

And the rain is poring down…

Most days like this one leads to something productive, let´s see today!

Have a nice one everybody 😉