Moderator at Turning Torso

At the 54t floor of the Turning Torso I will be holding a super interesting forum about light, together with HSB and Metro bostad. How to create the right atmosphere with lights and what effects you can achive in a room with the right kind of light are some things we will talk about!

 If you are interested to pop by, the 12 of October, for a breakfast and some “lightening” inspiration I have tickets for YOU!!!!

Let me know what time would work best of the two seminars, tell me here on the blog or send me and email at


5 thoughts on “Moderator at Turning Torso

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  2. Jag skulle kunna gå! Blir inget Cypern, däremot Thailand om några veckor! 😉
    Men har flera uppdrag nästa vecka…. Inredningsartiklar på g!
    Lycka till! (och tack!!)

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