Le Frise

Its exactly one week since we came back from Puglia and I´m already longing for next years trip. But what I’m missing most is Le Frise!!

Le Frise are ring-shaped Puglian rolls. They’re half baked, removed from the oven and divided into two halves, which are returned to the oven and allowed to bake until done, then dried completely. The result is something that one could crack a tooth on. So what do you do with them?
Take a frisella and dip it in the bowl of seawater holding it for a second or two before putting it on your plate. Slather it with chopped tomatoes, mozzarella,
olive oil and various mediterranean herbs.
Enjoy, with a hearty, rustic white wine.
Buon appetito;)
By the way the plates on the top picture is the one I mentioned in a previous post, love it´s classic shape with the rough and unfinished varnish… next trip!

5 thoughts on “Le Frise

  1. Malin sei fantastica!!!!!!
    Ma quanto ti manca la Puglia???
    Anche le frise non sono mai cosi’ buone quando non si e’ la’
    Non e’ vero?


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