Raw life

Back from Rome to swoop bags, changing the heels and the elegant summer dresses to crazy prints, comfy pants and boho sandals! Tomorrow I´m going north for my yearly yoga Raw life festival, 5 days with abundance of raw gourmet cuisine, inspiring lectures on health and lifestyle, food demonstrations, yoga, dance, concerts, and best of all is I get to  spend these 5 days barefoot and beflowerd with my mum and sister!!

Can´t wait to get into the beautiful yogamood again, with means I´m leaving the computer behind.. No blogging for 5 days!!!

I need to have some contact with dad and the kids back home so the iPhone is smuggled down and I will try to do some Instagram. If you are curious of what I´m doing up in the Swedish dark forest you can follow me there, my name is permalin.

Hope to be back next week rested and full loaded with new ideas and recipes;)

Namaste my friends



1 The only place to be during hot summer days, Cavalieri Hilton
2 My darling Rum and some Italian fashion magazines= perfect Sunday
3 Ready for la Pergola little black dress and some New York Red from Chanel
4 Best Seafood antipasto in the world at La Rosetta
5 Fiori di zucca fritta
6 Pantheon at 01.00
7 Porsche Speedster from 1956, I want that car!!!
8 Piazza della Maddalena
9 The most beautiful square in Rome, Piazza di Pietra

From Rome with love

Super busy Friday and Saturday in a super hot and humid Rome…. Building meeting, accountant, bank, drinks at Salotto, quick swim in the pool and some really tasty Spaghetti con le vongole…. Rome I have missed you!

Left the Swedish building dust in Skåne for some Italian one….

The fire has left its marks, now its history…

The view from up here is beautiful, now the new roof is on its place and soon the fun part of the renovation starts!!

A builders lunch…. a big dos of carbohydrates and i´m in heaven!!!

We are off to Rome

Finally closed the last bag, phuu!! This time I’m not traveling with kids so no strollers, carseats and giant teddybears but today the bags are full with electric floor heating, thermostats and Swedish towel heaters…. Love to renovate in two different countries at the same time!! I would rather fill up my suitcases with fabulous outfits and high heels… Maybe I´ll do that on my way back;)

Summer love

Sunshine and blue skies ALL day, swimming the cold sea, barbecue on the beach, loads of Italian ice-cream, nice friends, charades with the kids and lots of laughter =

Perfect day! 

One little, two little…

…three little Indians!!!

Went through some moving-boxes this afternoon and found Mighty Milo´s Tipi tent, guess if he was happy to put it up?! Snacks and dinner was served in the tipi and of course they all wanted to spend the night;)

I have seen some similar tents at Granit and if you want to build your own one, I saw the coolest DIY over at Dos Family!

A cross the bridge

Not much beach this summer…  But on the other hand you get to do things you normally wouldn’t do like fixing all the kids old and broken jeans, bake nice cakes that you never have time to do and see long old movies under cozy warm blankets.. then who cares it´s  raining cats and dogs outside? And whats nicer than to take the bridge over to Copenhagen for a day? Stroll around, look at street performances, do some shopping and eat good food!

Me and Cleo went crazy at Hay, love the colours, can´t get enough!! Got some really nice things…. Then we had a super smushi lunch at Royal Cafe, love the smörrebrö and the over the top- high on acid decoration!! Got some fun ideas for the house;)

Now were off to Göinge and Great-Grandmother, have a lovely weekend everyone!

Oh, just have to show you my next DIY….

The cutest little stove made out of old olive and cake tin containers, what a great idea!!!

Cleo loved it as much as I did;)