A wet vintage dream

Yesterday I woke up by the alarm at 6.30, left my small sleeping angels with daddy and headed over to the main kitchen where I was hit by the loveliest smell you can imagine, home made bread and warm apricot marmalade. Picked some fresh menta on the way for my morning infusion, aaaaaaaah this is the way I want to have my breakfast everyday!!

We left early knowing we had a looong morning in front of us…

Mercato Pugliese in Manduria!

 I was looking for antik bed sheet of linen and I found some pretty amazing hand made once with beautiful lace for no money at all. I had the fortune to have Maria-Grazia the expert guide with an incredible eye for beautiful antics and she was not afraid to bargain;)

The best bargain i got today was 10 euros for a stunning antic sarcedote lace shirt (it´s in the laundry now) I will post it later!!

Damiano was not happy when I came home with two more suitcases full of linen, kids clothes and porcelain… We had 600 euros of overweight when we came down from Rome…

After a couple of hours with 3 bags full, we headed  happily over to the little village Grottaglie. Here I just lost it, sooooooo much beautiful ceramics and porcelain in every corner!!

The best of all was to visit the small workshops where all the incredible artists were creating, it´s like time has  been standing still.

I just couldn’t resist, had to get two of the typical fortune pines… they will be perfect out open fireplace in Sweeden.

I have been looking for a new service for a long time now, just never knew what I wanted, until now. I couldn’t buy it this time though, and they won’t ship so now I have a very good reason to come back!!


5 thoughts on “A wet vintage dream

  1. Malin le tue foto sono bellissimeeeeee
    Conosco bene il feeling di stare con Maria Grazia anche solo alcune ore
    Non potrai piu’ fare a meno di torarci ogni anno, come me!!!!!!!!!


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