Continuing to pinch my arm

An hour flight from Rome and another hour lost in the middle of the olive fields and the sea, we finally arrived to our destination…

When we stepped out of the car Tiago said;

Mum it´s like a dream!

I can not in words express the beauty of this place… the light, the details, the food, the landscape and the hospitality… We are just enjoying with all our senses and I hope you can get a little feeling of the southern dream we are living for these 10 days;)

I´m still pinching my arm once in awhile just to check… am I dreaming?


4 thoughts on “Continuing to pinch my arm

    • Ja, här är helt fantastiskt!! Vi är i Puglia utanför en liten by som heter Manduria, klacken på italien och himmelriket på jorden;)
      Lite kontrast till Malmö, eller hur?

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