A fast hello from Stockholm!

A little getaway weekend, me and hubby cached the plane up to Stockholm!

This is not going to be another shopping weekend but couldn’t resist a fast stop at Acne´s beautiful boutique at Norrmanstorg and some pants shopping at Hope for D, they have great stuff for big men!

I´m in love with the newly opened restaurant Vigårdagreat fresh fast-food and the interiors is to die for!!

 I got extra happy when i saw they divided all their garbage, all restaurant should do this.

 Had a stroll in newly opened Mood Stockholm and a nice squeeze at Juice verket

Right now I’m in some kind of lamppsykos, where should they hang how should they look.. A friend tipped me about Brandstationen on Söder, he said Malin you will love it and BOY did i LOVE it!!

 This is a great vintage furniture store newly opened by none other than Herr Judits Christian Quaglia. Like I said this is not a shopping weekend, otherwise i could of bought every single lamp in the shop…. got some good inspiration though!

So finally we are arrived at our designation Yasuragi, Hasseludden

time to RELAXE…..

Have a nice Saturday everyone!!


2 thoughts on “A fast hello from Stockholm!

  1. Då var du bara 3-4 min från mitt när du var på Brandstationen. Nästa gång du får du komma upp och säga hej 🙂 Ha det så mysigt på Yasuragi. kram

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