Some french inspiration!

A lot of decisions right now… Like where you want your light, water, window, garden, life and so on! Sitting a lot pinning on Pinterest to get kitchen inspirations and I had a look at my photos from last trip to Paris that I would like to share with you!

Highest on my list when in Paris is a visit a loved Merci!

I can walk around for hours, in this design heaven!

Im totaly in love with these tin ceiling plates, hunting them for my kitchen, anyone knows where you can find them?

I want this stove from La Cornue, great with the letters from Kidimo.

Ah, i want a yard like this one with all the Mediterranean herbs and plants! What will survive through the long and cold swedish winter is the question?

Down the street from Merci I found more tinplates in the celings at italian little brother Grazie

Adore the lamps.

Lunch time and getting hungry, I´m going to bike over to Spoonery, best take away food in this town!

All pics by me


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