So today the first doors were hanged up again after the whole upper floor was blown out!

It was just a little problem that the doors that used to hang in Cleo´s room had a difference of 7 cm from one and another!! The floor used to lean that much;) Now the floor is in level and the old doors are NOT!

Went to look for some new old doors! Had a quick stop at återvinningsdepån they had most crap then headed over to SopstationenI didn´t find any doors but I did find this!

A old beautiful suitcase, perfect for our Stockholm weekend coming up,

or like a boat for baby Cleo;)

I have been looking for one similar like this one from Ferm living, perfect for all the boys little lego creations, woododolls, precious stones and other fleemarket treasures they want to save from the wakumcleaner!

It used to be a drawer for buttons and sewing stuff.


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