Long weekend

Isn´t  it nice when bankholidays comes on a Thursday, then the Friday just naturally falls out, looooong weekend here we come!

Started off our weekend with some sleepovers

Bed invasion of 5 kids this morning…

and a DOG!!

Me and my loved decided at 6.30 this morning that we are never ever going to buy a dog.. But we are very happy to dogsit buddha once in a while!

Wild games and loads of fantasy!

Packed upp all the pirates and little birds and crossed the bridge

Spent our whole afternoon playing with sand, water, microscopes, bubbles and blocks, a heaven on earth for kids…. Experentarium!!!

With over 300 interactive exhibits about science and technology…. it was very quiet in the car on or way home;)

Oh, and i even got 10 minuets for my self… did a quick stop at Moss Copenhagen and got this sweatshirt on 50% sale!!!

And the best of all is that the weekend has just started!!


2 thoughts on “Long weekend

  1. Malin, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this post. I love the colors, the kids! …the creativity, imagination, and simplicity of the fun you are having!!! Amazing. Thinking of you guys and we send you all lots of love and light. Thank you for the inspiration. Xx Asha

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