Malin´s Sunday favourites

On a train towards Gothenburg, on my way to a little blogg event organised by Milk and Trendenser, very exiting! I just love taking the train.. no lines, rush and safety controlles.. Passing all the small villages that I remember as big citys from my childhood, you get time to think of things you love!

Here they come…

Damian Hirst at Tate Modern

Parking the car for good… Bike season is here!!

Childhood memories from Byredo, Three tiny things comes in scents Bubbel Bath, Cotton Candy and Books. All the profits goes to Childhood

The newly opened caffe Rosie´s at Beridaregatan 8 in Malmö

Love the floor at Triangelns station

Cutest leopard sneakers ever, go Jeremy!!

Want these cushions from H&M home badly

The spring explosion

The beautiful supermoon

More shoes…. Check out these from Minimarket, just one word; LOVE!

My six year old son did a little performance in school and he sang this song together with all his classmates and mum was CRYING!!

Have a lovely sunday everyone!!


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