Super Thursday

Started off at Litte Gym with Cleo and then a fast stop at the house where the works are proceeding nicely. Then I biked over to met my sister at Kallbadhuset for 3 hours of sauna, cold sea baths, raw food picnic and a lot of talking!

I love to come here, i guess it the most romantic place in Malmö… the colours, old and young naked bodys, chit-chatting with the veteran winter-bathers, sweat, think, scrub and after 3 hours you feel reborn!!

Hahah, how needs a weather forecast?

Now about to pack my new suitcase i´m off to Stockholm tomorrow morning, wiiiiii!


Some french inspiration!

A lot of decisions right now… Like where you want your light, water, window, garden, life and so on! Sitting a lot pinning on Pinterest to get kitchen inspirations and I had a look at my photos from last trip to Paris that I would like to share with you!

Highest on my list when in Paris is a visit a loved Merci!

I can walk around for hours, in this design heaven!

Im totaly in love with these tin ceiling plates, hunting them for my kitchen, anyone knows where you can find them?

I want this stove from La Cornue, great with the letters from Kidimo.

Ah, i want a yard like this one with all the Mediterranean herbs and plants! What will survive through the long and cold swedish winter is the question?

Down the street from Merci I found more tinplates in the celings at italian little brother Grazie

Adore the lamps.

Lunch time and getting hungry, I´m going to bike over to Spoonery, best take away food in this town!

All pics by me


So today the first doors were hanged up again after the whole upper floor was blown out!

It was just a little problem that the doors that used to hang in Cleo´s room had a difference of 7 cm from one and another!! The floor used to lean that much;) Now the floor is in level and the old doors are NOT!

Went to look for some new old doors! Had a quick stop at återvinningsdepån they had most crap then headed over to SopstationenI didn´t find any doors but I did find this!

A old beautiful suitcase, perfect for our Stockholm weekend coming up,

or like a boat for baby Cleo;)

I have been looking for one similar like this one from Ferm living, perfect for all the boys little lego creations, woododolls, precious stones and other fleemarket treasures they want to save from the wakumcleaner!

It used to be a drawer for buttons and sewing stuff.

my life in the building mess.

Yeah, right!!

My life right now is covered in 2 centimetre of cementdust..  Looking for solutions, doors, wood, cement, windows, lamps and other interesting screws and handles;)

What could be better than Rawfood lunch in a box in company with Metro bostad, how glamourous can it get;)

Off to pick up the little ones!

Best present ever!!

My Swedish mothers-day was fantastic with a lot of wild animals at Copenhagen Zoo, ice-cream and the best gift ever…

A Cargobike full of beautiful kids in it!!!!!!

I really felt like a real Malmöbo today going around with my new, mega, super duper Cargo!!

Hello fit thigh and bum, here we come;)

Mors dag

I´m loving being an international family because you get two mothers days every year!! Today it´s “mors dag” in Sweden and I got breakfast in bed with a lot of kisses and hugs!

The foto of me and baby Cleo was shot by my friend Oskar, check out his work here!

Lets see what they have planned for my day this year;)

This one is for you mamma Gun.

Love to all mothers out there and have a beautiful Mors dag!

Saturday, sun and dandelions!

There is nothing better than waking up a Saturday morning by sun and kids laughter!

We are being invaded by Dandelions!!! I kind of like them but the problem is the neighbours… they don´t love them the way we do, and they are spreading.

Today we are planning to cut our little meadow, summer field… sorry our loved Dandelions.

We have to bring them in and make a nice centrepiece like these ones

Found the pics via Elizabett Hannesdesigns.

I´m moving out!

Don´t the sun and heat just make you want to move out of your house and into the nature! Lots of lamps and lanterns to add the right mystery and I just love the outside cinema, what a great idea!!

Came across these beautiful pictures from this lovely blog!


She loves pink and I can´t blame her, so do I!!!

Some more…

And to finish of our pink afternoon, I just must show whats on my list…

A pink garden hose!!!! Saw it today at Svenssons i Lamhult, it´s from Garden glory. I can see myself infront of me under my blooming Magnolia tree, watering my plantations full of green and fresh vegetables with my pink hose, hahah!

photos via Pintrest