A fast one from Rome

It´s a love hate thing to be back in Rome again for the first time since our move to Sweden. It starts on the airport with the taxi drivers that tries to rip you off, those stinky airport toilets, smog and the traffic to get in to the centre… But then it got better and better with lunch under the sun at Piazza de Ricci with a nice plate or Spaghetti alle Vongole, wine, long walks, aperitif with friends at Salotto42, more wine, and to finish off in style, dinner at our favourite La Rosetta. Me and Damiano looked at each other and I knew that he was thinking the same ting I was….. what have we done, moving from this lovely place???!! Isn’t it strange that you have to leave something to really start to miss and appreciate it?! I think there is no perfect place to live, you kind of have to create your own happiness and anyhow Rome is just 2 and a half hours flight away.


2 thoughts on “A fast one from Rome

    • Back home and I must say it felt very positive to land at Copenhagen airport, borta bra men hemma bäst (var nu hemma egentligen är)?
      I can see my self sitting there in the garden sipping a nice warm tea hearing the kids in the background, hahha!

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