Party time!

Now the party season is started!! My two boys are born i the summer and all the classmates in springtime so now we know what to do in our week ends…  Birthday Partys!!

This Swedish wonderful childrean’s party book “Alla balla kalas” (all the cool party´s in English) is a collaboration between Isabelle McAllister, Christina Breeze Le Guellaff, Ann Söderlund and ICA. with photos by Jenny Brandt ( and Erik Josjö.

Really inspiring photos and easy and fun ideas!

When we were living in Italy the kids birthday Party´s were all over the top…  who had the most fabulous cake, how many  rental ponies and which Mum had the most fabulous outfit? Off corse there were always professional clowns and magicians that kept the kids entertained while us the mums had champagne and finger food in a separate and calm angle of the  garden!

When my niece came down to us to Rome for celebrating Milos 4 birthday she was quite shocked…. Wow, what a super party!!

She told me that one of her swedish friends from school invited the class over to his house, offered them a hotdog and a ice- popsicle then they played in garden for an hour and that was it!

But it is not always the “over the top” that is the most fun, sometimes it´s the small and intimate… the simple and easy that wins!

Yesterday it was our favourite Trulsa´s 6 year old birthday,

it was spagetthi, rawfoodcake

and lots and lots of love!


2 thoughts on “Party time!

  1. I kind of agree with the over the top concept in terms of renting too many unicorns and pigs who actually could not fly:))) but the social part of sipping a drink together (the moms) wasn’t bad. Here in Canada there is no socialization among parents (unless you are me and find a way of socializing no matter what because I believe in relations!). They come, wherever the party is, they drop off the kids and come back 2 hours later for pick up time. Hi and By. Sad.
    Those pictures you have posted are beautiful, almost out of time. If that is truly the feeling and context you have in Sweden, well I am coming over!!!!
    Lots of love my friend;)

  2. Well, I must admit that I miss the socialising among us mothers a lot, school here is very different. But family and real friends close by is very important! Any how you know that you are all very welcome to Tiago´s and Milos dreamy and “out of time” garden party in july!!
    Big kiss to all of you xxxx

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